Spiraling Through Memories of Yesterday

The symbol of the spiral has appeared in my work over the years, sometimes
unexpectedly. Sculptural and quilted pieces will illustrate this motifʼs recurrence in my
art work and how it serves as a metaphor describing our lifeʼs journey.


Extreme Log Cabin = Spiral

The process of creating pieced spirals starts with Log Cabin patterns. Beginning with a
simple Log Cabin block and moving through several variations, you will learn to build
spirals and then combine two or more for an interesting interplay of swirls.
In the second half of the workshop you will begin to establish or identify connections
between this motif and your personal imagery. Ideas for a small piece will be developed
in playful interactive exercises.
Spirals are everywhere… in DNA and seashells, in air currents and galaxies. This
ancient symbol carries psychological connotations of personal growth and natural
progression. It can suggest either a sense of expansion or of intense focus.
Bring to the class your curiosity, intuition, spontaneity and spirit of adventure… in
addition to the other supplies!